VIDEO – Preparing to Reopen: What You Need to Know to Safely Return to Practice

Are you ready to open your practice when shelter-in-place orders are lifted? COVID-19 has changed the rules of infection control. Be prepared for reopening by learning everything you can about the new world of PPE, including creative solutions you may not have considered and preventive measures against new risks.

Video recording of Night 4 of the SCCDS Dentists Back to Business: Town Hall Meeting Series

Download the companion PDF.

Learning objectives:

  • The latest scientific update on COVID-19
  • How COVID-19 has and will impact dentistry
  • Practical ideas about how to prepare your office to re-open in this new era.

Presented by: Nima Massoomi DMD, MD, MEd Assistant Professor at UOP Dept. of OMFS since 2008; Biomedical Researcher at Boston University Medical School Pulmonary Center, 1994 – 1997

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