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E. Contaminated Laundry

Laundry (reusable gowns and towels) that has been soiled with blood or other potentially infectious materials, or may contain sharps must be handled according to Cal/OSHA BBP standards: The employer shall ensure that employees who have contact with contaminated laundry wear heavy duty nitrile gloves […]

B. Exposure Control Plan

An exposure control plan must include a detailed schedule of implementation as follows: 1.       Hepatitis B Vaccination records for all Category I & Category II employees (see previous section) 2.       Post-exposure procedures a.       The employee must stop what s/he is doing and administer first aid […]

A. Determination of Exposure

Any category I or category II employee is susceptible to exposure to blood, saliva, OPIM, and pokes from contaminated sharps. Should an exposure incident occur, employer and employee must follow post-exposure and follow-up procedures .

C.Consequences of non-compliance

1.Non-compliance with the DBC’s Minimum Standards for Infection Control, OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogen Standard, and Globally Harmonized System for Hazard Communication, or CAL/OSHA’s Aerosol Transmissible Disease Standard could lead to cross-contamination, infections, and illness to the dental patient and/or the DHCP. 2.Employees could contaminate their vehicles, […]

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