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B. Exposure Control Plan

An exposure control plan must include a detailed schedule of implementation as follows: 1.       Hepatitis B Vaccination records for all Category I (high risk) & Category II (medium risk) employees (see previous section) 2.       Post-exposure procedures a.       The employee must stop what s/he is doing […]

Determination of Exposure

Any Category I or Category II employee is susceptible to exposure to blood, saliva, OPIM and pokes from contaminated sharps. Should an exposure incident occur, both employer and employee must follow post-exposure and follow-up procedures.

Potential Effects of Infection to the Dental Healthcare Setting (DHS)

Due to the nature of their work, Dental Healthcare Personnel (DHCP) come in contact with a variety of potentially infectious diseases on a daily basis and risk both contracting and transmitting these diseases. In order to prevent and reduce infections, it is critical that all […]

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