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C. Methods for Dealing with Surface Contamination

There are two methods that may be used to deal with surface contamination: Surface Barrier Method Cleaning (Precleaning) and Disinfection   Surface Barrier Method The Surface Barrier Method entails using fluid resistant materials that prevent a surface from becoming contaminated. Regulations state that a surface […]

A. Touch & Transfer

Touch: Surfaces that DHCP directly touch during procedures, and therefore potentially contaminate. These surfaces include: dental unit controls, x-ray switches, chair switches, chair side computers, computer mouse, light handles, cabinet handles, pens, charts, etc. Transfer: Instrument trays and handpieces that are touched by contaminated instruments […]

E. Contaminated Laundry

Laundering requirements for contaminated laundry (reusable gowns and towels) that have been soiled with     blood or other potentially infectious materials or may contain sharps must be handled according to Cal/OSHA BBP standards: The employer shall ensure that employees who have contact with contaminated […]

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