Topic Category: hand hygiene

C. When to Refrain from Patient Care

According to the DBC’s Minimum Standards for Infection Control, DHCP must refrain from providing direct patient care when: Hand conditions may render DHCP or patients more susceptible to opportunistic infection or exposure Hands have any kind of oozing from a wound, cut, or dermatitis. In […]

B. Materials & Methods for Hand Washing

Depending on the type of patient treatment, DHCP may use soap & water, alcohol-based hand rubs, or antimicrobial hand wash incorporating the following methods: Routine hand washing with soap and water: Remove jewelry, rings , etc. Use paper towel, or other barrier, to turn faucet […]

A. Required Times to Wash Hands

DHCP must clean their hands according to the stated methods and with the appropriate materials at the following times: At the beginning of their work shift each day Routine hand washing throughout the day Before eating Before and after using the restroom When hands are […]

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