Thank You for a Fun and Successful 2019

2019 was another stellar year for the Santa Clara County Dental Society. Well-known as one of the most active components in California, our members actively contributed to our success by attending CE programs and social events, volunteering for committees to manage the Society’s work and volunteering to improve oral health care in our community.

Here’s a recap:

Membership continues 6-year upward growth

As of October 31, 2019, SCCDS had 1,796 members, making it the fourth-largest component in California just behind the Orange County, Tri-County and San Diego components. As of Dec. 2, we’ve added 124 new members this year. 1,181, or 66%, of these members are in active status (meaning they pay full tripartite dues) and 615, or 34%, pay discounted dues because they are a young dentist, are retired, etc. This is the second-highest percentage of active members in the state. In addition, we’ve achieved a 96% retention rate this year of 2018 members continuing membership into 2019 and we represent just over 79% of the total number of dentists in our boundary area.

A growing, active membership means we are financially strong

SCCDS is financially strong. As of November 30, 2019, total association assets stood at $3,099,583 which includes our cash and property assets. We maintain a healthy operating checking account, operating reserves of three months of average expenditures and a building reserve account of just under $600,000 that is invested in short-term corporate bonds to make capital improvements to our building, which we own. The average income for the organization is $97,000 per month from dues and non-dues revenue such as classes and average expenditures are $83,000, which means that the society achieves a healthy margin nearly every month.

Strong membership + strong finances + strong management = outstanding member benefits

Members transferring from other components and other new members consistently comment on how much is happening at SCCDS.

It’s true. Members and their staff members can fulfill all of their mandated continuing education requirements in CPR certification, OSHA, dental practice act and sexual harassment prevention training right here in our conference center, at an affordable price and with many programs from which to choose. In 2019, we provided 57 CPR

certification sessions, 35 OSHA and DPA training classes, 24 classes on harassment prevention, 8 general membership meetings with a clinical speaker, 6 practice management programs and 23 social events.

These included two shred events where members can securely destroy paper and x-ray records and recycle old electronics, a summer picnic at Vasona Park, a new member BBQ, several informal meet-ups with great food and friendship, a Halloween costume and pumpkin decorating contest, SCCDS’ own very popular study club, 8 general membership meetings with a clinical CE program, an ice cream social, a Super Bowl watching party… All included in your membership dues with no additional charge.

Did you attend these events in 2019? If not, you’re missing out on opportunities to meet your fellow professionals and we’d love to see you in 2020. These programs are always promoted in our monthly magazine, our website at, email blasts and often through social media including our Facebook page (Santa Clara County Dental Society) and Instagram page (SCC Dental Society).

Number one source of information for dentists and the public in the Bay Area

Our dental society receives daily phone calls and emails from members asking questions about practice management and other needs. We are here to help you with peer review cases and we provide referrals to experts in practice management and to CDA for insurance questions and guidance.

CDA and ADA collaboration and tripartite benefits

We have been able to advocate for dentists and the public through our partnership with CDA and ADA and help member dentists over the years. Examples of CDA benefits are:

  • TDIC insurance solutions
  • TDSC dental supply company which helps dentists save on the costs of dental supplies
  • Practice management resources
  • A mediation and peer review process which helps to review disputes with patients outside of the legal system
  • Advocacy for dentists and oral health of the public
  • Dental insurance claims hotline and advocacy for dentists
  • Mentorship and job opportunities

In addition, we are committed to helping our young dentists thrive. We help them find business opportunities through the job opportunity advertisements on our website and with new member parties and gatherings that help new members find new connections, friends and mentors.

Our Mentor Magazine is focused on newer members with information about practicing here in Santa Clara County.

This year our mentor program took a new approach with the formation of a small group mentoring club in addition to the one-to-one matching of a mentor with a mentee. Younger members found this approach appealing because they got to meet together, sometimes mentoring each other, with 3-4 experienced members who could offer different perspectives to an issue that might be perplexing to a less experienced member.

Many opportunities to be involved in our dental society business and leadership roles

The society isn’t all classes and events, however. There are 13 active committees that involve members in the business of the Society and are open to any interested member:

  • Allied Dental Health Professionals
  • Building Management
  • Communications
  • Community Services
  • Continuing Education
  • Ethics
  • Leadership Development
  • Legislative
  • Political action
  • Membership
  • New Professionals
  • Women in Dentistry

Most of these committees meet 4-6 times per year. If you haven’t been involved with a committee, make 2020 your year to do so. You’ll meet fellow professionals, make friends and learn leadership skills.

Other committees, such as the Finance, Nominating, Peer Review and Personnel Oversight committees are comprised of specific appointees from the Board of Directors or members who must receive special training.

The future of the Society and our three-year strategic plan

In 2019, our Board of Directors created a new strategic plan to guide the work of the above committees and the board through 2022. Our major goals are to:

  • Increase the “active” member category so we continue to have a large base of members actively practicing dentistry and involved in the profession.
  • Increase and retain the number of members under age 40, so we build our leadership base.
  • Improve the oral health of the community through education and collaboration
  • Ensure financial stability
  • Improve and grow services to the members
  • Conduct a board self-assessment and adopt board development goals in response
  • Increase SCCDS representation and participation at the local, state and national levels of organized dentistry

Leadership training opportunities

We provide training to members who want to get involved with the committees and become future leaders. For example in September, Board members and committee chairs and co-chairs enjoyed a one-day leadership training with Scott Wimers, PhD, who first administered a DiSC Personality Assessment and then helped participants understand how they can use the results to build stronger teams both here at the Society, in their own practices and in their family and community lives. It was fun to learn more about ourselves, how we communicate and how to work more effectively with the different personalities we deal with every day.

SCCDS leads high profile community efforts and public services

SCCDS’ profile in the community has grown in recent years with our participation in several community efforts to improve the oral health status of our community.

Notably, SCCDS Board Secretary Dr. Shakalpi Pendurkar chairs the Collaborative for Oral health. This collaborative, which includes representatives from the Santa Clara County Public Health Department and about 30 other agencies, is charged with guiding the work of the first-ever Santa Clara County Oral Health Plan, which focuses on upstream prevention of oral health issues. The county’s plan flows from California’s oral health plan and initiatives are funded partially from Proposition 56 tobacco tax funds disbursed through the county.

SCCDS also participates in the Cut the Sugar Coalition which advocates for policies that help residents reduce their consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages.

More recently, SCCDS has participated with a coalition of community health representatives, primarily from Santa Clara County’s Valley Health Plan, to prepare a proposal for state funding to design a more integrated health-care system, to include oral health care, for low income, at-risk residents of our community.

As we have done for the past 15 years or so, SCCDS sponsored the Give Kids a Smile dental screening program in February, National Children’s Dental Health Month.

In 2019, 6,926 students in 52 schools in nine local school districts and 11 Boys and Girls clubs received dental screenings from 68 of our members and 160 volunteer dental assistants, hygienists and students. Increasing the number of children receiving mandated dental screenings in schools is one of the goals of the county’s oral health plan.

In addition, students at Lynhaven and Blackford schools in the Campbell Union School District received two applications of fluoride varnish this year in a now three- year program in partnership with the school nurses there.

Our dentist volunteers also helped at health fairs in the community, including a recent one at the Vietnamese community center.

In September, SCCDS and members Drs. Scott Ngai, Chanel McCreedy and Leyla Abazari teamed up with the Santa Clara County Medical Association to teach an evening program about Pearls in Dentistry for local pediatricians. The goal was to give the pediatricians nuggets of oral health wisdom to share with the parents of their young patients so that oral health education can be included in the well-child visit. The plan is to expand the presentation to larger medical groups, like Kaiser, etc.

Recently, your legislative committee has hosted breakfasts for candidates vying to replace Senator Jim Beall in California Senate District 15. These small meet-and-greet events allow us to let these candidates know what the dental profession’s priorities are.

In May, several of our members joined Legislative Committee Chair Dr. Tim Verceles for an advocacy day in Sacramento.

It’s been a busy and productive year. I have been privileged to be your President this past year and turn the reigns over to a very capable Dr. Bao Khahn Nguyen for 2020. But before I step aside, I want to thank the following leaders for guiding our efforts this year.

Executive Committee:

  • President-elect: Dr. Bao Khanh Nguyen
  • Treasurer: Dr. Bexter Yang
  • Secretary: Dr. Shakalpi Pendurkar
  • Editor: Dr. Robert Shorey
  • Immediate Past President: Dr. Ned Nix

Board Members At Large:

  • Dr. Lourdes Abiog
  • Dr. Hieu Dang
  • Dr. Nancy Gum
  • Dr. Sara Hamed
  • Dr. Joyce Litch
  • Dr. Nima Massoomi
  • Dr. Will Perry
  • Dr. John Shen
  • Dr. Louis Tieu


  • Dr. Nava Fathi
  • Dr. Julia Townsend

I’d like to extend special thanks to Dr. Will Perry, who is leaving the board after serving 6 years. I would also like to especially thank Dr. Ned Nix, who is leaving the board after serving 8 years and moving through the Executive Committee roles. Finally, I want to thank Dr. Nava Fathi, who stepped in earlier this year to serve another year as Trustee after Dr. Thien Bui stepped aside in this role.

Committee Chairs And Co-Chairs:

  • Allied Dental Health Professionals (ADHP): Dr. Ned Nix
  • Building Management: Dr. Stephen Beveridge
  • Bylaws and Policies Review: Dr. Shakalpi Pendurkar
  • Communications: Dr. Robert Shorey
  • Community Services: Drs. Monica Wu and Sarah Murray
  • Continuing Education: Drs. Brent Ingram and Kay Rha
  • Ethics: Drs. Simon Morris and Don Call
  • Finance: Dr. Bexter Yang
  • Leadership Development: Dr. Nava Fathi
  • Legislative: Dr. Tim Verceles
  • Membership: Drs. Lourdes Abiog, David Lai and Jennifer Yau
  • New Professionals: Dr. Augie Lagemann
  • Nominating: Dr. Ned Nix
  • Peer Review: Dr. Robert Gong-Guy
  • Personnel Oversight: Dr. Bao Khahn Nguyen
  • SCCDS Members Political Action Committee: Dr. Timothy Sheu
  • SCCDS CDA House of Delegates Task Force: Drs. Robery Shorey and Louis Tieu
  • Women in Dentistry: Drs. Priya Bakshi and Mamta Desai

I want to thank our wonderful staff:

  • Candace Roney, Executive Director
  • Megan Duncan, Operations Manager
  • Erich Larsen, Communications Coordinator
  • Michael Tran, Community/Member Programs Coordinator
  • Katie Lam, Financial Coordinator, Peer Review
  • Tim Sudano, After-hours Event Coordinator

Thank you all for your support, for being the backbone of our society and for a great year of accomplishments. None of our efforts would be possible without our wonderful staff members who coordinate and guide the efforts of more than 300 volunteers who help plan and execute our activities.

-Niloofar Zarkesh, DDS, MS, SCCDS Immediate Past-President

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