Transform Your Thinking to the Millennial Mindset to Improve Your Patient Experience & Empower Your Team


Event Description

Learn about the new category of SIMPLE, Intuitive Practice Management, and how to have your practice run on autopilot, while you do what you love! Create KNOWN VALUE through the use of peer-to-peer benchmarking and collaboration. Deliver a WORLD CLASS patient experience while creating fun and measurable outcomes. You’ll discover how to ALIGN your team through the use of real-time practice performance data which are synced to your smart phone, tablet, and or laptop.

You are facing one or more of these issues:
• I want to be financially free
• I’m an owner that wants to bring on an associate
• I want to be more profitable, I just don’t know how
• Our production is stalled and we don’t know what to do
• We’ve lost our mojo and want it back
• I want a team driven practice
• We want to make a bigger difference with our patients and community

Breakfast and lunch included!

About Gary Kadi:

Advocate, Author, and Documentarian, Gary Kadi is the CEO of NextLevel Practice and GABEWORKS, dental education companies that are best in the world at implementing sustainable results and digital practice management. To date, NextLevel Practice has created over 300 million dollars in revenue, 50,000 more vacation weeks, and over four million healthier patients with the practices they have worked with in the United States and abroad.

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Event Location

1485 Park Avenue
San Jose
United States

Event Details

  • December 14, 2018
    8:00 am - 2:30 pm
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