Top Ten Ways to Not Lose Your Dental Practice to Surging Employment Claims With Bernadette Bantly, Esq.


Event Description

Summary of Topic: Employment-related legal claims are a HUGE threat to dental practices today. Even the best dentists are being targeted for claims based on alleged meal/rest break violations, harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, misclassification (exempt/nonexempt), overtime and disability leave issues. Any business using independent contractors must understand the recent California Supreme Court ruling in the Dynamex case. Wage claims are especially dangerous today as such claims are NOT covered by EPL insurance (if you even have it) and your corporate status won’t necessarily insulate you from potential liability. Due to recent changes in the law, aggressive plaintiffs lawyers can (and do) chase after personal assets in this increasingly litigious environment.

Purpose: This practical legal briefing is for dentist/owners only. It will help you identify your employment-related legal risks and some simple steps you can make to minimize those risks while increasing employee productivity and morale. This talk will include recent case examples from an experienced employment defense attorney who regularly counsels and defends dentists. Bernadette Bantly, Esq. is the lead employment attorney at Bradley, Curley, Barrabee, Kowalski, P.C., and has defended employers for over thirty years, much of that time within the dental industry. In addition to pro-active employment counseling and defending clients in litigation before state and federal courts and agencies, Ms. Bantly is passionate about helping dentists implement safeguards to turn the tide against ambulance chasing plaintiffs’ attorneys. This seminar will include an employment risk compliance checklist and practical strategies to immediately address problem issues.

Event Location

1485 Park Avenue
San Jose
United States

Event Details

  • April 9, 2019
    6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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