SCCDS Study Club: An Innovative Orthodontic Solution for Difficult Restorative/Implant Problems – 9/4/18


Event Description

Speaker: Dr. Robert Chen


Image you just got a new patient with all these missing teeth. Patient is educated, motivated and financially capable to do the implants and restorative treatment with you, but the patient does not want 2-3 years of full-braces orthodontic treatment. What do you do? Now, we have great orthodontic solutions to position the adjacent/opposing teeth in the appropriate positions in order to proceed into the implant/restorative treatment. The implant/restorative treatment is a breeze when the teeth are in the right place. In this presentation, Dr. Robert Chen will show how he uses micro-implants with sectional orthodontic mechanics to intrude and to upright the posterior teeth.

Event Location

1485 Park Avenue
San Jose
United States

Event Details

  • September 4, 2018
    6:30 pm - 8:30 pm