General Membership Meeting: The Art of CBCT


Event Description

Acquiring excellent CBCT data for accurate diagnosis is always important, but when the DICOM is used in modeling, planning, and surgical guides, it is imperative that precise scanning techniques are applied to achieve the best outcomes. One must be proficient in diagnostic scanning, appreciate and comprehend the science, technology, capabilities, and limitations of CBCT scanners. This course will discuss the skills and tools needed to keep CBCT machines tuned for optimum capability, and know what proper scan protocol can be chosen based on the radiographic need of the clinical question that is being asked of the exam. Take this course if you own or are considering purchasing CBCT.


Craig (Dial) earned his license as a Dental Radiographic Technologist in 1981 through UC Berkeley and is currently part-owner and chief technologist of ddi. He works closely with many doctors to continue to improve the standard of maxillofacial imaging available in our community and throughout the world. Craig has served several years as the president of the American Association of Dental Maxillofacial Radiographic Technicians (AADMRT), and several more as a member of the board. Craig is internationally known and respected for his imaging expertise and is often consulted about his technical skills and knowledge about oral radiography.

Event Details

  • May 14, 2020
    5:00 pm - 7:30 pm
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