3/16/18 Scheduling By Design With Jennifer de St. Georges – Bring the Whole Team and Get a Discount!


Event Description

Today’s busy patients are rarely tolerant of a dental practice which consistently “runs late.” Patients left to sit in the reception room without staff updates feel unloved and abandoned. And, they are quick to share their frustrations on social media! Practices do not plan to run late. Running behind schedule happens because of a lack of planning. When a practice takes the proactive
approach to control and run their schedule, they create appreciative patients. Appreciative patients refer!

Practices that run on time deliver better customer service and quality care. This results in the dental team’s stress being reduced which, in turn, protects production. This program provides the tools and communication skills needed to solve the top 8 time management issues in dentistry.

• Learn how to run the most effective and customized reconfirmation service
• Teach patients the importance of arriving on time: a win-win approach which benefits patients and the practice
• 7 rules to schedule emergency patients so scheduled patients are not inconvenienced by the practice running late
• Manage the doctor’s phone calls to minimize patient interruptions which cause scheduling delays
• Learn how specific communication skills can greatly reduce no shows, short-notice cancellations and lost chair time
• Take home proven tricks, tips & techniques to plan for unforeseen problems and get back to being on time

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You’ll get all of this PLUS 6 category 2 CE units
and a delicious breakfast and lunch!

About the Speaker Jennifer De St. Georges
Jennifer de St. Georges is a dental practice management educator. She has built a solid reputation for providing the “nuts and bolts” of management in a highly motivating, practical and entertaining manner. Audiences appreciate her fast-paced, humorous style. Her management programs appeal equally to both doctors and staff. Supporting the dentist and team in making key changes. Jennifer serves as a contributing writer for Dentistry Today and was the first non-dentist named to this position.

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35 South 2nd St.
United States

Event Details

  • March 16, 2018
    9:00 am - 3:00 pm