2/20/2018 Hire Wisely And Manage Well With Jennifer de St. Georges


Event Description

When the doctor creates a supportive work environment, the practice greatly benefits from this healthy commitment and results in a “let’s work as a team” mentality. This high energy-and content-driven program provides the necessary solution, structure and protocols to make this happen.

This course is for doctors and spouses only

About Jennifer De St. Georges
Jennifer de St. Georges is a dental practice management educator. She has built a solid reputation for providing the “nuts and bolts” of management in a highly motivating, practical and entertaining manner. Audiences appreciate her fast-paced, humorous style. Her management programs appeal equally to both doctors and staff. Supporting the dentist and team in making key changes. Jennifer serves as a contributing writer for Dentistry Today and was the first non-dentist named to this position.

Event Location

1485 Park Avenue
San Jose
United States

Event Details

  • February 20, 2018
    6:00 pm - 8:00 pm