PPE Pick Up Appointment Registration

Due to hard work by the SCCDS COVID-19 Response Task Force, chaired by Dr. Ken Wallis, SCCDS has secured N95 masks, surgical masks and face shields from the Santa Clara County Emergency Operations Center.  These will be distributed in an orderly manner, free of charge, in the parking lot of the Dental Society offices at 1485 Park Ave., San Jose on Saturday, May 30, 9 am to noon and 1 pm to 4 pm; Sunday, May 31, noon-3 pm  and Saturday, June 6, 9 am to noon and 1 pm to 4 pm BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, in 15-minute increments. This will be drive-up only with a very quick delivery. 15 dentists will be registered for every 15 minute time slot.

Each dentist who has registered on the website for a specific pick-up time will receive:

  • 20 N95 masks
  • 50 surgical masks
  • 10 face shields

READ CAREFULLY! To receive your PPE you MUST do the following:

On the day of your appointment:

  • Please honor your time slot and pull up at the curb on Calaveras Dr.
  • We will be taking a photo of each recipient to avoid paper contact.
  • Please wear a mask for the protection of your fellow dentists, who are volunteering their time to make this happen.
  • Please maintain safe social distancing by staying in your vehicle. A volunteer will give you your supplies.
  • Respect our neighbors by not blocking their driveways or getting out of your vehicle.

If you have already received PPE from the County’s EOC, you may not receive more. We have a list of those who have already received PPE.  If you requested PPE last week and have not yet received it, we also have that list and will accommodate your request.  Please do not contact the EOC as they have transferred the distribution to SCCDS.

Our thanks to Dr. Ken Wallis, chair of the SCCDS COVID-19 Response Task Force, for negotiating with the County to secure these critical supplies.

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