The Cutting Edge Magazine

The Cutting Edge Magazine is the official magazine of the Santa Clara County Dental Society. Released nine times per year, “The Cutting Edge” is designed to keep members informed of changes and updates in their profession and community. Readers enjoy regular columns from SCCDS leadership, CDA Practice Support and more. The magazine also includes details about upcoming events, a helpful index of sponsors and a classified ads section.

If you are interested in contributing content to The Cutting Edge Magazine, please contact Erich Larsen, SCCDS Communications Coordinator. We are always looking for editorial, educational, artistic and news content relevant to the profession of dentistry in the Santa Clara County.

If you wish to place an advertisement in the Marketplace section of The Cutting Edge Magazine, please contact anyone at our office for more details and an advertising packet.

Read Current and Past Issues

2018-04: The Opioid Crisis3.4 MiB121
2018-05: Practice Without Pain3.4 MiB27
2018-01: Building a Green Dental Office4.0 MiB98
2018-09: Social Media Survival4.2 MiB18
2018-02: Teeth and Tots4.4 MiB48
2018-03: Retirement5.0 MiB156
March 2019 Online5.4 MiB53
2018-12: Crime and Prevention in the Dental Office5.7 MiB168
Feb2019 Online5.9 MiB100
2018-10: The Importance of Hobbies6.0 MiB135
2019-01: The Year in Review6.3 MiB133
May 2019 Online6.4 MiB15
2018-11: Down the Drain6.7 MiB154
April 2019 Online7.0 MiB58

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