Join & Renew

Thinking of joining SCCDS? Good idea.

You’re eligible to join if you’re a licensed dentist in California, a full-time faculty member at one of the six California dental schools or a California dentist serving full-time military duty.

Joining is easy.

Visit and enter your license or ADA number to ensure you are correctly matched to your profile in their system.

SCCDS will contact you by email with your dues quote within one week after your application is received.

You may be entitled to significant discounts on your dues.

Contact us through this website or call 408-289-1480 for more details.

 The ADA, CDA and component Dental Societies (such as SCCDS) have functioned for nearly a century as a three-tiered system called the tripartite. “Tripartite” means “comprised of three parts.” Each aspect of this three-part organization provides its own benefits that serve to complement each other and strengthen the whole.

Although each retains autonomy as Dental Associations, the national, state (constituent) and local (component) organizations work together in service to members. This mutually supportive structure helps ensure a consistent voice in lobbying activities, maintains uniform educational standards, promotes ethical dental practices and allows us to coordinate activities.

Nearly all dentists in the United States are tripartite members. They join and maintain their membership through their local dental societies.

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