Join the SCCDS COVID-19 Crisis Collaborative on Slack

The COVID-19 crisis has touched all of our lives, impacted our businesses and separated us from family, friends and colleagues. The conversations we enjoyed at our events and meetings are now harder to find and participate in. Common social media has offered some solutions but the result is often poorly moderated and frustrating.

In an effort to help dentists continue the conversation and stay connected, SCCDS is pleased to announce the SCCDS COVID-19 Crisis Collaborative using Slack, a robust and intuitive communication platform.

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Help and tutorials for using Slack


PLEASE NOTE: Shared comments have not been vetted by and do not represent the position of the Santa Clara County Dental Society and should not be construed as such  All discussions regarding prices for services, participation in specific dental plans and “boycotting” any vendors are prohibited.  Any such conversations will be called out and the comment will be removed. 

Do not distribute invitations or workspace content to persons or entities outside of SCCDS.

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