Donate Unused PPE from Your Practice

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center’s three hospitals, VMC, O’Connor Hospital and St. Louise Regional Hospital in Gilroy need these NEW supplies: PPE equipment (N95 masks, face shields, surgical masks and gowns); disinfecting wipes; hand sanitizer; medium sized gloves; infrared thermometers; and goggles. See for a complete list and even requested manufacturers, but equivalent supplies from other manufacturers will be accepted. The gifts are tax deductible. You should make a list of the materials you are donating and their value and put your name, address and contact number on the box before delivering. Questions: Call 408-885-5299 or email the foundation at to confirm a drop off time at 2400 Clove Dr. behind VMC.
Cobe Construction, a valued SCCDS business partner, is being a Pandemic Hero too. They have offered to come pick up your extra PPE, no matter how small a box, with no personal contact. You just need to leave it in boxes or bags outside the door and COBE will deliver it to where it needs to go. Contact or 408-799-2983 to arrange a pickup.
According to Don Goudy, DDS, with COBE:
“COBE Construction is dedicated to helping our present situation in any way we can. Our crews, supervisors and managers are still working “essential projects” and will donate our management time helping any projects that are caused by this crisis. Please let us know of any construction related essential building.
Here are some examples of what we can do (and have already done):
  • Setting up drive through testing tents
  • Building containment walls with washable aluminum panels (used in high tech clean rooms)
  • Setting up air scrubbers for negative pressure rooms
  • Any other commercial construction that is required to build or keep “Essential Services” operational
Basically, if you need something essential built, we can build it. Contact us today if you need help!
Essential building inquiries: or 408-371-3400
Visit our web site for more info:
Note: discounted work only applies to critical essential work that meets health order requirements and is directly helping all the people on the front lines during this crisis period.”


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