In The Community

a group of hands held on top of each other as the owners of said hands gather together in a circle representing unity in the communityOur members and staff work hard to promote the importance of oral health in the community. Each year, the SCCDS participates in a variety of outreach and education activities. These activities teach people about the importance of good oral hygiene. Of course, they also encourage regular dental visits.

Our members often attend local health and career fairs. They also hold oral health screenings at area schools. We offer these much-needed services through our partnerships with government and charitable organizations.

Organizations with whom we’re currently connected include:

Through education, outreach and volunteer-driven programs, our members help people in the community improve their oral health. As a result, their overall health improves as well. In this way, member dentists can measurably impact patients outside the office. After all, our mission is serving dentists in their service to the community.

Please note: the SCCDS does not provide dental services, nor is it a referral service for pro-bono care. If you are in need of dental care and do not carry dental insurance, please view our list of dental clinics. Many of these offer pricing on a sliding scale.

In the Community and Beyond

Many of our member dentists also volunteer outside their local area. Programs like CDA Cares help our dentists travel all over the state to help communities in need. In fact, many of our dentists travel the world to under-served towns and cities in Africa, South America and Central America on charitable dental missions. To find out more about the volunteer programs SCCDS dentists participate in, please visit our Volunteer page.

If you would like a volunteer dentist to visit your school, fair or facility to offer oral health education, please contact us.

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